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Winter Tire

Technological advancement has its impact in all sphere of the society. In the past, driving vehicle during winter months can be very costly and time exhausting. This is due to the fact that the coldness of the weather has an adverse effect on the tires. This will make motorists to change their vehicles’ tire often leading to increase in vehicle maintenance. In view of this, creative minds and innovators came up with the idea of winter tire that has become a popular trend in the society today.
Despite the fact that winter tire has been specially designed to maintain better traction during extremely cold or icy road, motorist still change their winter tire often. This is because most of them are not equipped with the necessary maintenance tips that will help them sustain the longevity of the tires. Some of the maintenance tips for winter tires are discussed below;

  • Close inspection: Maintenance of your winter tires begins at the point of purchase. Before a motorist buy a winter tire, he should ensure that the tires are properly inspected and be certain that there are no signs of worn spots, bulges or cracks also the treads of the tires are within the specification of 15 diameters and above. If any of these is fall short, it could be a great challenge for motorists, especially those that travel long distance. This is why it is essential for winter tires to be inspected at the point of purchase. When inspected, the possibility of road side emergency due to winter tires will be minimal.
  • Ensure that the tire is performing well: During the winter months when your winter tires are being used, ensure that the tires’ performance is at optimal. This can be done by checking them regularly and carrying out preventive maintenance once a minor fault is noticed. It is also important for motorists to frequently check their tires for nail, glass and other sharp objects that can deflate or damage their tires after driving through snowy or icy roads.
  • Proper storage: It is a known fact that motorists use their winter tires during winter month and when the temperature is a bit warm they store these tires for the next winter. It is important that these tires are properly stored in a dark and dry room with a stable temperature. As a way of protecting the rubber properties of the tires, they must be kept away from direct sunlight and high temperature areas. Most winter tires always have flat spot, this is not a manufacturing error, and rather it is due to poor handling and storage by motorists. Whenever a winter tire is stored its tread, the possibility of developing flat spot is very high.
  • Rotation: This is another simple and easy way to maintain winter tire in order to ensure their longevity. Motorists should carryout routine rotation on their vehicle tires; this will bring about balance in usage.
  • Inflation: At all time, winter tires should be inflated while in used. This will ensure the safety of the motorists as well as the durability of the tires.

Having a good maintenance culture will help motorists to use their winter tires for a very long time. This will help to save cost for the motorist as well as reducing the tendency of motorist accidents.

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