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Points to Note in Carrying Out Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing is not an easy job, and not all the tow truck companies are capable of carry out this task. In order to execute a flawless tow, it requires experience, skills and great attention to complete the job. Here we shall examine some of the important points for large, heavy vehicle or equipment to be safely transported over short or long distances:

1. Adequate Equipment and Professional Towing Personnel

Heavy duty towing not like any other towing tasks; the teams that carry out the duties should consist of professionals who have been trained to handle heavy loads. In addition, the teams should have the right tow trucks as well as the equipment to carry out the job. The teams should also have an experienced leader or supervisor to oversee the whole process.

2. Getting Essential Information

The towing company will need to verify information over the phone upon your first contact; such as license information, registration, location, type of vehicle or equipment, condition of the vehicle or load and so on.The callers or drivers of the vehicles need to take measures to ensure the safety of and themselves first.

3. Plan before the Journey

The towing company should examine the route and plan both the loading and unloading process before carrying out the work. This is because safety for both the towing crew as well as the equipment and load can be managed beforehand. Great care should be given when loading the vehicle as well as unloading the vehicle at the designated location.

4. Be Meticulous and Cautious with the Plan

It requires great effort to move large, heavy loads. One mistake or blunder will foil the whole process, or worse, cause serious damage or injuries. The straps, chains or tools must be tested beforehand to ensure their stability. If there are any wicked curves along the road, the driver must be reminded of during the journey.
The callers should place traffic cones or flags around their vehicle to increase visibility to oncoming traffic. The towing staff should check both the equipment and tow truck are able to haul the stranded vehicle. In addition, they are also trained to be aware and can avoid any electrical lines, to ensure that bystanders are at safe distance during the process.These safety measures are necessary so that the operation of towing operation will not risk any damage and injuries.

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