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5 Factors That Affect Car Battery Life


Car batteries can last for around 3 to 6 years. However, there are factors that can reduce the battery life. Here we shall examine some of the factors:

1. Temperature

In colder climates, car batteries tend to last longer than those in hot tropical climates. This is because batteries are more active chemically and works harder when they are hot. Also, if under extreme heat, the liquid inside the battery will evaporate. At lower fluid level, there is possibility where damage to the internal structure of the battery can occur.

2. Poor Charging System

A bad charging system can drain a battery when the car runs. If the alternator fails to give out ample voltage, it will cause the battery to drain quicker than normal. If the lights or radio is on the situation can be worsened. When the car battery runs out of power, the radio or lights will fail to operate, and the car stalls. It will not start unless the battery is recharged.

3. Faulty Alternator Diode

Alternators with faulty or poor diodes can reduce battery performance. When the diode is in good condition, it will make the current flow in one direction. However, a malfunctioning diode will cause the current to flow oppositely. If this occurs, even if the car engine is shut, it can keep the charging circuit functional. This will lead to drainage in car battery.

4. Dirt, Grease and Corrosion

Dirty and grease build-ups will drain the power of battery, while the corrosion will reduce flow of current and will lead to faulty battery.

5. Personal Habits

Frequent starting the engine on and off engine cycles can cause drainage in battery. Also, the tendency to use in-vehicle entertainment systems such as radios, stereos and other devices will cause the battery to work more.
If you want to keep car battery life long, have your mechanic check the electrical system of your car and watch out for any signs of warning. If your battery too old, replace it so that you don’t have to face problems later when it causes your car to break down on the road.
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