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Towing and Roadside Assistance During Covid-19

COVID-19 has swept the entire world by storm and affected countless, causing the globe to a standstill and resulting in whole states and countries closing down in an attempt to slow its spread. Governments both local, abroad, and people are doing their best to keep the vulnerable safe during these uncertain times.

The new safety measures have affected businesses, restaurants, places of worship, and schools. However, there are still people needing to go to work, amidst this global pandemic. These people may encounter unexpected conditions that can leave their vehicles stranded. Due to this reason, it is essential to know how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected and the effects that will last for a foreseeable period.

Stay at Home and Social Distancing

Staying at home to prevent the spread of the virus is the best option possible. However, once one has to go out, certain measures may be observed. according to CDC, social distancing is of high importance, even though the person you come into contact with is not at risk. Going out should be avoided at all costs, however, if the situation becomes inevitable, taking all precautions while going out ought to be considered necessary. The health agencies advise us to keep a distance of six feet from people and wear a mask if you show any signs or symptoms, even if you think you have unrelated illness or allergies. Limiting your exposure and keeping a safe distance is important.

When Towing or Roadside Assistance is Needed

When your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road and a person stops to assist you, practice social distancing. If you would like the person to assist you, do remember to keep a six-foot distance between that person and yourself at all times. Whenever possible, stay within your vehicle while the person inspects the problem you have encountered.

If you have already required a tow truck to tow your vehicle, stay then wait inside your vehicle till the tow truck arrives.

Should you need to travel with the driver of the tow truck, it is important to sit as far away from the driver whenever possible. Try not to touch the interior of the vehicle, and use hand sanitizer or ask for one to disinfect your hands should you need to touch something.

If the weather allows, it is advised that you keep the windows of the tow truck open to ventilate the cabin and keep fresh air flowing in.

Observe Personal Hygiene

It is crucial to take extra precautions to keep both yourself and passengers safe. Here are some transportation tips that can help reduce the chance of spreading the virus:

– Stay at home if you feel unwell
– Wash your hands frequently, preferably after every trip
– Use a face cover to cover up your nose and mouth
– Cough into a tissue or inner elbow
– Avoid touching face and eyes

For towing drivers, they should also observe the above mentioned, also the tow trucks need to be cleaned and sanitized several times per day. Extra care is taken when cleaning areas such as handles, locks, steering wheels, and other interior surfaces.

Stay Safe

Understandably, traveling might be inevitable in some situations, and for this reason, people must remember to maintain social distancing. Should you encounter a need for towing services, do your best to stay a safe distance between driver and passenger, practice good personal hygiene and use face covers.

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