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Towing a Motorcycle, the Right Way

Riding a motorcycle represents a symbol of freedom, and the ability to travel freely. However, what happens when your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of a remote location? What do you need to do to tow your precious vehicle the right way? With all the possible dangers on the road, overlooking this fact can potentially put your security and safety at risk.

The Appropriate Equipment

While towing companies have access to motorcycle towing equipment be sure that you are utilizing the right equipment for your specific motorcycle or motorbike. Some models are not made to have the wheels move while the engine is not running. Ensure that you understand these facts before deciding to tow the motorcycle.

Keep the Motorcycle Secured

A motorcycle is not manufactured to stand upright all by itself. Thus, it will need proper straps to keep them secure during transportation. You want to certain the motorcycle is safe from all the vibrations during towing. So depending on the size of the motorcycle, professionals will utilize strong straps to tie it down. Usually, the rear tire is fastened with a strap near to the seat, and the front tire strapped to the handlebars. The straps will be tightened and the front suspension will bottom out, preventing the vehicle from moving.

Tire Pressure

The tire pressure has to be examined before a tow is conducted. Moving the motorbike on a loaded trailer can cause damage to the motorcycle, this is due to the excess friction caused when the tires are not inflated. Thus, be sure the towed motorcycle maintains the tire pressure. Additionally, check for any visible wear and tear on the tires.

Leaving Ample Space

Despite securing your motorbike, it will still tend to move slightly. For this reason, leave enough space for it to move during a tow. The spacing to be left out is roughly 6 inches past the handlebars, such that it will not knock into objects. The same 6 inches spacing applies to the rear of the motorcycle too.

Possible Towing Methods

Towing your motorcycle safely starts with the right method. There are 3 common methods used to tow motorcycles, all of which are safe and effective as long as proper equipment and setups are done.

These include two-wheel towing, flatbed towing, and towing cradles. The method you choose for will depend on the circumstance, size of the motorcycle, and/or personal preference.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is the most preferred and common choice for towing motorbikes. The flatbed tow truck has a platform on its back, and the truck is supported by a sturdy frame with four wheels. Special straps, ropes, or locks can be used to keep the motorcycle attached to the platform bed, stopping it from tipping over. This reliable setup leaves very little room for error. Flatbed tow trucks can also travel far distances with the motorcycle wheels, not in contact with the ground or road surface.

Towing Cradle

Motorcycle towing cradles are also known as motorcycle trailer hitches. They are considered good alternatives for towing motorcycles and motorbikes. The merits of this towing method are simplicity, compact, and economical to use them. The front of the motorbike is connected to the trailer, the back wheel is attached to the back of a towing vehicle, and the back wheel is put on the ground or road surface. To secure the motorbike, get some ratchet straps because these usually do the job well. Do take note of the working load limit of the straps; this is to ensure the safety of the motorbike.

Two-Wheel Towing

Two-wheel towing is an effective method for towing motorcycle. Tow dollies are occasionally used; they are two wheels connected to an axle and being supported by a frame with a ramp. The motorcycle can be strapped and fastened to a towing vehicle, and with the back, wheel rested onto a tow dolly or without it. Towing can be done once the straps are tightened properly and the bike loaded.

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