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The Four Sources of Business for Roadside Assistance Companies

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There are thousands of calls for roadside assistance in the United States daily, and the demand is increasing. The reason for the increase is due to the prevalence of cell phones, mobile data, and the internet. Compared to the pre-cell cell phone and mobile data era, people are quick to find information and sources online to get roadside assistance.

Following are Four sources of business towing as well as roadside assistance companies can get their source of customers.

Customer Referrals

A referral is also known as word of mouth: when somebody tells another person someone else regarding the quality of the towing services they use, and that individual uses your service, this is considered a referral.

Referrals are considered one of the oldest forms of marketing, and it is still an important factor for businesses to get customers. When you have a reputable business with quality towing and roadside services, customers will recommend your towing company, and in turn, there will be more business. Thus, referrals are considered valuable.

It requires time for your business to get recommended by others. Good businesses do not happen overnight. By providing quality and honest services, people will start noticing and begin to refer to their family and friends.

People like to do business with who they know and trust. After providing valuable services, the towing company will gain trust from customers and it can develop relationships with other people.

Online Search and Reviews

Cell phones and smartphones have a definite impact on various businesses, drivers have the convenience to find help through a few touches on the smartphone screen. They can search Google for “Towing Near Me” or “Roadside Assistance Near Me” to get the list of towing companies in their areas.

For towing companies, having higher visibilities online is the best way to receive steady streams of customers. learning to improve and control the presence online is key to getting business. Drivers can call companies when they see them online. Thus it is important to market your business online and have websites introducing the services available.

Similar to referrals, having positive reviews will help online presence. Get positive feedback from past customers and have them write reviews for your company online if possible. With good reviews, this will help in online visibility.

Government Agencies and Law Enforcement

Another potential source of business is from government agencies such as law enforcement. Once you get the contract from law enforcement, they will contact you for towing or assistance to stranded drivers. However, to gain the business relationship, the towing companies have to start initiating and introduce themselves to the relative authorities. In order to be selected, companies need to have good records.

Insurance Companies and Motor Clubs

Insurance companies preserve customers by offering roadside services with discounts. Companies that offer these services are known as motor clubs.

When customers from these insurance companies requests for roadside assistance, the motor clubs have to offer the services. However, most motor clubs do not have branches all over the nation. Thus some of these motor clubs will sub-contract with smaller businesses or individuals to give the assistance required. With the ever-increasing use of smartphones and demands, they are always looking for more partners.

As drivers are more and more informed on the roadside services pricing, the use of such services is increasing. The usual services requested are fuel delivery services and chang flat tires. The increased demand could also mean competition in pricing amongst the roadside assistance providers. Some companies will see it as a low-profit margin, while others will make full use of these opportunities and do more jobs and enhance the reputation, and in turn, get good reviews on the companies when possible.

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