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Wheel Lift Towing: Slide-in and Hidden, Their Difference and Advantages

Wheel Lift Towing | Slide-in Wheel Lift | Hidden Wheel Lift

There are many options in choosing a tow truck. One of the towing method: the wheel lift, is a preferred method for repo companies and towing companies. We will discuss what is slide-in and a hidden wheel lift, what are their differences, and their advantages.

Slide-in Wheel Lift and Hidden Wheel Lift

If you know about wheel lift towing, then you will understand that both hidden and slide-in wheel lifts function in almost the same way. They possess arms or hooks which can move around and go under the wheels of a towed vehicle. When the arm is secured in place, the tow truck will lift the front or rear pair of wheels off the ground. This towing method is preferrable for light duty and short distance towing. The wheel lift allows the tow truck to have control of the vehicle.

What is a Hidden Wheel Lift

It is also known as an under-mount or underbody wheel lifts. The arms of these wheel lifts are attached below to the trucks. The main advantages of underbody wheel lifts are they provide space for the truck bed and the wheel lifts are out of sight. However, it is not easy to install the wheel lift to a truck. Thus, many will need modification to the frame of the truck to be installed. The mounting position will therefore gather more weight at the rear portion frame of the truck. It can lead to damage to the truck frame.

The mounting position of the wheel lift will also affect lifespan and service accessibility. It is hard to get access to the arm of a hidden wheel lift, so it takes a longer time to service. If a replacement is necessary, the hard to reach position makes replacement difficult. Since the wheel lift is fixed below the frame of the truck, it is exposed to all forms of mud, dirt, debris, and other obstacles as the truck travel on the road. It will naturally wear down the wheel lift faster, and it is no surprise that it has a shorter lifespan compared to a slide-in wheel lift.

What is a Slide-In Wheel Lift

The slide-in wheel lift is the favorite for most repossession and towing businesses. To install it, simply slide the wheel lift into the bed of a truck. This will reduce the bed space of the truck, but as towing is the main use for such trucks, the reduced bed space is not an issue. Although there is a need to do some assembly, this wheel lift will not need any modifications to the frame of a truck for installation.

Unlike the hidden wheel lift, the slide-in wheel lift is located on top of the truck, thus it will not expose itself to the same harsh conditions which can shorten its lifespan. The mounted position of a slide-in makes weight distribution more balanced. This significantly improves the safety of the vehicle as compared to a hidden wheel lift. Another advantage is the slide-in wheel lift is transferable from one truck to another. So if one truck has expired, the wheel lift can be disassembled and move to another truck. This makes the slide-in wheel lift versatile, and which is why towing companies and repossession companies will favor it as invaluable equipment.

Due to its versatility, the slide-in is ideal for light duty towing and repo towing. It can pick up vehicles from tight spots easily, and dropping off vehicles at impound is a breeze. This can save the towing truck drivers’ time and thus making their works more efficient.

Wheel Lift and Wrecker

One of the more common wreckers or tow trucks is the flatbed tow trucks. They can be seen in towing, roadside assistance, and accident removal.

When wreckers reached their maximum mileage, they need to be replaced with new tow trucks. On the other hand, a slide-in wheel lift has significantly lower investment costs and is transferable from truck to truck. This is possible even when the current truck installed with the wheel lift has expired. This saves the costs of making a new investment in new tow trucks.

One major advantage of wheel lift is the ability to move in tight parking spaces and low clearance parking lots. The wheel lift truck can maneuver in the small-spaced environment and pick up vehicles with relative ease. It is simply the best option in repo, short distance, and light duty towing.

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