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RV Towing Los Angeles – Advice & Safety Tips

RV Towing Los Angeles

An RV (recreational vehicle) is a motor vehicle or trailer which comprises living areas designed for accommodation. Travel trailers, campervans, fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, motorhomes, are some types of RVs available in the market.

Typical facilities in an RV includes sleeping facilities, bathroom, and kitchen. They can be ranged from just basic to luxurious in the designs, with added features such as water heaters, air-conditions, televisions, unique counter-tops, and so on.

One may have invested a lot of money and time into the RV for long-distance travel trip plans. However, any vehicle is subjected to the possibility of breakdowns. The added facilities will increase the weight to the RV, so a typical tow truck may not be able to handle the towing process. In the following, we shall discuss some safety tips and points to note in driving an RV, and what to look out for when you need to hire RV towing services.

Loading Your RV Properly for Stability

Given the right conditions, an RV can be prone to tip-overs. When RVs rollover, it can be both difficult to recover and result in severe damage to it. This problem can be prevented by loading the RV with low-down weight. When loading the RV, ensure the weight is bottom heavy. Also spread over the axle of the coach in whatever you pack. By distributing the weight properly, it will be less likely to a tip-over. You will want to keep everything in balance to prevent unexpected accidents.

Parking the RV Safely

Be sure to provide enough space when parking an RV. RV is not highly maneuverable, so when it is parked in tight areas, there will be issues when you want to exit the area. Try not to park in areas near and dips on down slopes, as there will be a risk in the RV rolling over. Park your RV on a flat surface, if possible put some blocks near the tires. This can ensure the RV will not slip off or run away. Be sure the RV is level, balanced, and stabilized. All these are useful in lowering the risks of tip-overs.

The Needs of the RV

To identify the appropriate tow truck, you need to gather some basic information regarding the RV. Key factors include the weight and size of your vehicle. When calling for an RV towing service provider, make sure the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) is provided to the towing company. They can decide the tow truck with the right towing capacity to meet the request. The gross combined weight rating is a key factor in getting the appropriate tow truck because it identifies the maximum combined mass of the RV.

You may also need to provide information on whether the RV is a self-powered motorcoach or a travel trailer that is towed behind with another vehicle. Motorcoaches can range from Class A, B to C. Class A motorhomes are constructed over stripped truck chassis, and they are similar to buses. Therefore they require more towing capacity.

Maximum Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of the tow truck has to exceed the weight of the RV to tow it safely. The tow truck may have a powerful engine and strong frame, but these are meaningless if the towing capacity is lesser than the RV. Hauling heavy vehicles can result in an overheated engine, tire wear-off, and brake fade. So the towing company needs to gather as much information regarding the RV to dispatch the right tow truck for the job.

Drive System of the Tow Truck

Four-wheel-drive trucks are perceived to have more strength in towing, however, a two-wheel-drive is preferred when towing an RV. The reason is heavier truck has lower towing capacity; a four-wheel-drive truck can weigh a few hundred pounds more than a two-wheel-drive truck. Thus, two-wheel-drive is a better option for RV towing.

Transmission of the Tow Truck

Tow trucks that come with automatic transmission are more preferable for RV towing services. It is because they have higher tow ratings compared to standard transmissions. They are also easier to operate as the transmission will automatically shift. The driver will have more focus on driving and the road conditions, rather than having to divert the attention to switching the gears when traveling downhill or uphill.

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