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Do You Need Towing Companies & Car Transportation Services for Long Distance Towing

There are many ways to get your vehicle from one place to another. The simplest and least costly way is to drive the vehicle by yourself from one location to another. However, you won’t be driving your vehicle across states, for example, from the west coast to the east coast, will you?

When you search on the web, you will notice there are two other options when it comes to moving your vehicle; towing companies and car transport companies. What is the difference between them?

Towing Companies

The major difference between towing companies and car transport companies is that towing companies do short distances, and they move the vehicles almost immediately. They are hired due to emergency or urgent reasons. For instance, when your car has broken down, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. You would want a quick and responsive towing service to get your car moved to an auto repair shop or your home garage. This is the main feature of towing companies, which is the speed and quickness they can provide. However, some towing companies will also offer long-distance towing services.

Car Transport Companies

Car transport companies perform long-distance moves for planned situations. It is also known as car shipping, auto shipping, vehicle shipping, and so forth. They will need planning, which also means longer waiting time to get your car moved. Since car transport companies do not perform emergency towing, it is reasonable for people to call and reserve their moves two or three days in advance. It will not work under roadside situations where the driver is left stuck on the side of the road. Some car transport companies will provide towing for short distances. As aforementioned, they will not come within a short time, they will arrive in one to three days. But the cost can be lower. If you need to move a lot of cars at one go, the cost can be significantly lower, as the car transport carrier can carry many automobiles on a trip.

DIY Towing Compared to Using the Towing and Car Transport Companies

Some people may think they could handle the tow by themselves. Depending on the type of vehicle you are using to haul your car, you may have issues seeing your car, vehicle, or trailer from your mirrors. There is also the issue of towing capacities and weight capacities. Is the truck or vehicle you are using capable of towing the loads? Are you able to maneuver through the small roads by towing a vehicle behind?

Safety Concerns

Maneuverability – When you are towing a vehicle, turns will be much more difficult to grasp and handle. Even simple maneuvers such as parking or backing up can be very challenging. Besides, your towing vehicle or truck will take a longer time due to the momentum from the extra weight. This also means when you jam on the brakes for a quick stop, it will be dangerous.

Swaying – When two vehicles are connected, they pull on each other and will sway a lot more compared to own their own.

If you need to swerve to avoid something, a pothole or a nail, your towing vehicle and trailer will sway, giving you big issues in controls. This is very dangerous to not only you but other drivers on the road.

Road debris – Towing your car behind a vehicle will expose it to rocks, trash is thrown from other drivers, or other debris on the road. Even with a towing truck in front to shield, it will still be susceptible to a certain degree of scratches or damages.

Thus, maneuvering and towing any type of auto trailer can be challenging. Should you swerve accidentally, you will damage the towed vehicle, hitch, and the trailer at the same time. Loading the vehicle inappropriately can result in swaying, and this will cause serious road accidents.

Other Additional Costs and Dangers

Many people think that towing a car will be cheaper than using a long-distance car transport service. However, they probably did not factor in the other costs. The other costs include accommodation, the cost of renting the towing equipment, and the effects of long-distance travel. Also, interstate roads can be dangerous. The risks can go even higher if the driver inexperienced in towing.


For interstate moves, car transport is probably a safer choice compared to towing by yourself. They will have professionally trained and experienced truck drivers to do the job. It is also less stressful because you will not have to deal with the logistics of loading the trailer, securely attaching them, and driving with the extra load. The safety and convenience offered by the car transport and long-distance towing services more than make up for the various costs involved.

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