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Do You Need Motorhome Towing or Repair?

Motorhome Towing

Having a motorhome is like getting a ticket to adventure. You can make long travel trips and enjoy memorable moments with your family or friends. However, when your motorhome malfunctions, you will need a plan to fix it. Although it is unpleasant to consider whether to get a motorhome towing service or a mechanic for repair, it is worse when you don’t have any idea of what to do.

One way to prevent such mishaps is through regular servicing and maintenance for the motorhome. But there are just times when unexpected issues or accident that will occur while on the road. Should you call for motorhome towing companies or motorhome mechanics? The following are some factors to consider.

Motorhome Towing

If you need towing, it is best to get the professional towing service provider to do the job for you. Motorhomes have higher GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), and some are under the medium or heavy-duty vehicle category. So there is to for trained towing technicians and the of use powerful tow trucks to handle your vehicle.

You need to provide the towing company as much information about your motorhome and the situation. This will include the drivetrain, length, weight, and other relevant information regarding your vehicle. It is important to let the towing company know the weight of your motorhome because the towing capacity of the tow truck needs to be higher than the weight of your vehicle. With this important piece of information, the towing company can dispatch the appropriate tow truck to move your motorhome.

As towing a motorhome is not the same as towing a regular car, towing companies can’t just send any standard tow truck to your location. They need to ensure the towing capacity exceeds the weight of your vehicle.

So, while waiting for the towing operators to arrive, take your time to move your motorhome off from the traffic and to a safer location. Turn on the hazard lights, set up roadside warning triangles. Use reflective flares if it is dark, make yourself as visible as possible to other motorists to avoid being hit by oncoming vehicles.

Mechanics for Repair

You need to be equally careful when requesting for motorhome mechanics. Are they capable of handling your vehicle?

For example, a mechanic who is experienced with working on RVs and motorhomes have the knowledge and know-how to fix your vehicle. You will not want the mechanic to be inexperienced with your type of vehicle and end up creating more chaos than you already have.

Do the mechanics have the tools, equipment, and expertise to solve the issues? If the repairs require any of the appliances on your motorhome, you need to know if the mechanic has training on repairing the device.

Different issues may require a different amount of time to fix. The mechanics may provide estimates of the time taken for repairs. They may require some time to have the motorhome fixed. The timeline should be reasonable, and the repairs should get your motorhome back on the road. Most of the time taken is correlated to the number of parts that require repairs. The mechanics should update you with the repair progress at intervals and as well as the time they need to take to complete the tasks.


Lastly, you will need to know the cost of the repairs. Reputable mechanics can provide written estimates based on the issues they have detected. Also, good mechanics will always call and asked for verbal approvals should any other problems occur during the repairs.

Whether you need repairs or towing a motorhome, it is advised to do some research and save the contact numbers of relevant companies in your cell phone. So if you need help, you can dial the numbers for assistance. Whatever the options you choose, the priority is always to keep yourself safe at all times.

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