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Points Consider When Moving MRI Equipment

Moving MRI equipment is not a simple task. It has many potential issues and failing to consider the safety precautions will endanger both people and the equipment around the machine.

Risks to Equipment

The powerful magnets in the MRI equipment are capable of causing malfunction to nearby electronic equipment and erasing data from electronic devices nearby. Thus the MRI machines have to be kept at a distance from other equipment and devices. The machines also have to be moved in isolation when loading and unloading.

Risks to the Moving Crew

MRI equipment consist of powerful magnets. When they are not shielded or managed, they will lead to severe injuries. For instance, should a person accidentally caught his fingers between the tools and the magnets of the machine, he will likely lose the fingers. So an experienced team is required to move the MRI machine.

Risks to the Public

As mentioned above, the powerful magnets from the MRI can cause malfunction to electronic devices. If there are unsuspecting bystanders or passerby with a pacemaker in them, it will be disrupted by the magnetic field. Thus, it is necessary to consider the routes when moving MRI equipment.

All the above factors make the MRI machine a huge logistical puzzle. However, there are still ways to protect both the public and the moving crew. One option is to have a customized transport box or steel-lined wooden crate to reduce the effects of the magnetic field from the machine.

Points to Consider

There are several points to contemplate before moving this heavy machine. Firstly, it is a risk assessment. It is essential to consider fleet management, the process, and the logistic flow of the whole project. Secondly, there is the need to wear safety gear for every working personnel. Some companies may ignore the importance of personnel protective gear when it comes to moving heavy machinery. This oversight may cause accidents and injuries to the moving crew members. Lastly, examine whether the company can handle such a heavy-duty task. The management has to examine and see if they have the towing equipment, trailers, and transportation capabilities.

Evaluate the possible issues that may arise before the MRI machine is loaded onto a trailer or truck. Look for any fragile parts of the machine that may break in the loading process. If there are, consider removing them if possible and use bubble wrapping to protect these fragile components.

Route Planning

As these equipment are big and cumbersome, you will want to plan the route when moving the equipment. You will want to ensure the equipment can go through hallways, doors, and get pass the corners with ease. Install metal plates or rails when necessary, ensure there is enough room to hold the equipment, and there are proper electrical outlets in new locations.

The MRI equipment is a delicate and expensive machine, so it will require a lot of labor and equipment to move it. In certain situations, moving heavy equipment can be as simple as wheeling down the hallway. However, there are times you may consider using a crane, moving certain walls that could block the route, or disassemble the machine to move it.

Plan the route carefully when moving them. Roads with many bumps might cause damage to them, so avoid rush hours when there is high traffic volume. Keep a lookout on the weather too, as heavy rains may cause potential problems to the moving team along the way.

Schedule the Downtime and Inform Those Involved

Set up a schedule in advance to those affected by the move, inform them, and tell them to stop work or adapt to temporary changes during the transportation period. They need to ensure nothing will affect the MRI equipment during its transportation.

Secure the Machine

Always double-check to make sure the machine is loaded properly in any of the containers, trailers, or transportation trucks. It is to prevent any injuries or accidents from happening.

Experienced Drivers

Moving MRI equipment can be complex and challenging. The driver needs to be experienced. It is to prevent any errors that will occur during the moving process. He needs to have a full grasp of how to loading the equipment, avoid possible damages, and be familiar with the appropriate routes.

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