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Towing involves serious work, therefore normal tires will not be able to resist that level of workload. It is important for towing companies to choose the right towing tires for safety.

The Need for Towing Tires

The number one reason is safety. When towing using the wrong tires, they will deform or lose shape. This will lead to a blowout or flat tire. Secondly, you want to improve your performance during towing. The towing tires are made to withstand more pressure, and this can make towing easier. The tow truck can travel smoothly, and thus safety is ensured.

Types of Tires: All-Season or All-Terrain

All season tires are not only good when they travel on the highway, but they are also well-made for traveling on wet roads, or roads with a low amount of ice and snow. On the other hand, all-terrain tires are suitable for traveling on the sand and in the mud. This is due to the deep and wide tread grooves on the tires. The extra traction and grip prevent the tow truck from getting stuck. However, they tend to wear out faster and need longer stopping distances.


Firestone Tire and Rubber Company is another well-established tires company founded in Ohio. The founder, Harvey Firestone, is a friend of Henry Ford. Firestone supplied Ford Motors with the original equipment and replacements. The Firestone Company was sold to Bridgestone Corporation, a Japanese company, in 1988.

Michelin is the second largest tire manufacturer on the planet after Bridgestone. It is founded in 1889 in France. It has numerous inventions including removable tire and radial tires.

Goodyear is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. The company is based in Ohio and is considered one of the largest tire companies in the world.

Important Features

The load rating is denoted with letters to show the durability of the tires. Always use the approved load rating for the trucks. The ratings are indicated by letters (eg. C, D, E, XL, etc.) which tells you the durability. There is one difference between commercial or heavy duty tires and passenger tires. Passenger tires will include both the minimum and maximum air pressure, whereas the commercial tires only denote the minimum air pressure.

Tires do not have the same speed ratings. For instance, C to E tires are produced for a speed limit of up to 65 mph. If the speed limit is exceeded, the tire could blow. Thus be sure to check the tires with a higher speed rating if there is a need to drive faster.

It is commonly known that the treadwear is better if it is longer. The quicker the tire tread wears out, the earlier you need for replacements. This will in turn increase the cost of the tires. Many tire companies will include limited warranties for treadwear. Do take note that when tires are not properly maintained, or if they are constantly driven in extreme situations, they will wear out easily.

Other Factors for Considerations

For most people, they would prefer tires that make less noise. If that is the case, be sure to see reviews on the tires. Based on the type of tires and the tread, some tires can be quieter compared to others.

When towing a vehicle, you would want a smooth ride. Tires with soft sidewalls can prove to be more comfortable when driving under normal situations. Truck tires tend to be less comfortable compared to passenger tires. However, truck tires are better for towing heavy loads.

Different tires operate differently and have their own uniqueness. All-season tires are suitable for different road conditions. However, they do not have the same grip, and traction all-terrain tires have. Thus, you need to know which tires are suitable for driving conditions.

Difference Between Towing Truck Tires and Car Tires

The passenger car tires offer a more comfortable ride and better traction. On the other hand, towing tires have rigid sidewalls to prevent swaying, larger beads, and more tread depth. They are also not made for traveling at higher speeds like the passenger car tires.

Towing tires need to be replaced once every 6 to 7 years. Also, depending on the usage frequency. The tire treads need to be examined regularly. When they go below satisfactory limits, then tire replacement will be necessary.

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