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Limousines are the declaration of status and epitome of style. From business executives to party-goers, it’s a great way to flaunt what you got. However, when it comes to transporting or towing limousines, what should the owners and the towing company do to move these long automobiles safely?

Transport Carrier or Truck

As limousines are longer than a regular car, it will require more space when towing. Some smaller limousines can be fitted on the standard auto transport truck. However, the transportation cost may be higher, since the limousine will take up the 2 spaces of the transport truck. Longer limousines can take up 3 spaces and more. Carrier companies do not like to have so many spaces taken up by 1 single vehicle, as it is not cost-efficient.

Towing Limousine with Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed towing can be utilized when towing limousines. Flatbed tow trucks are recommended due to the fact that they can tow bigger and longer vehicles. From vans, pickups to various types of equipment, the flatbed tow truck is able to carry them all. If car owners find standard carriers to move limousines cost-inefficient; since one single car takes up the spaces of 2 vehicles, the pricing will naturally double to compensate for the extra space taken up. In this case, perhaps car owners can consider using flatbed towing.

Using Wheel Lift Tow Truck

It is to have a flatbed tow truck to carry the limousine, as it is can ensure safety and security for the vehicle. However, for some limousines, the frame is too long to be safely fitted onto the tow truck. One way is to add a trailer extension to the flatbed tow truck. Another solution is to use a wheel lift tow truck. Wheel lift towing involves using a metal yoke that can be placed beneath the front or rear pair of wheels of the vehicle. The hydraulic system of the tow truck can lift the front or rear of the vehicle off from the ground. The remaining pair of wheels will run on the road while the vehicle is towed.

Wheel lift towing is an improvement of the traditional hook and chain towing. The traditional towing method will do damage to the car frame and bumper by wrapping towing chains around the axles of the vehicle. Wheel lift towing on the other hand only lifts the vehicle through the tires.

Towing Using Hitch From Behind

Some people will do the towing themselves by hitching the limousine from behind. One thing to note when hitching it from behind is to make sure the balance is maintained for as long as the vehicle is hitched. The angle taken must be precise, if not there is a great risk of damaging the limousine. Do consider this method carefully, as any wrong and inappropriate towing set up can lead to damage. It will not be worth the time and money required to repair a limousine.

What to Take Note When Towing the Limousine

The rule in towing is simple; Do not damage the vehicle that you tow. So during wheel lift towing, the car frame of the limousine is raised slowly to ensure none of the body or the fenders is in contact with the road surface. The tires are the only parts of the vehicle touching the ground. A supplement to wheel lift is using a tow dolly, where the wheels are placed onto the tow dolly rather than on the road.

Moving a limousine is requires care and patience. Turns need to be restrained if possible and backing up should be done gradually. Any reverse turns will require the towing person to have a good idea of spatial awareness and the landscape. It will be helpful to have a spotter for backing in articulated turns. The overall key in towing a limousine is taking it slowly but surely.

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