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Transport & Towing Service: Distinction Between Enclosed and Open Vehicle Transport

Several situations call for the use of an auto transport service. For this reason, some people can benefit by hiring transport or towing companies. There are 2 types of services people can choose from; enclosed vehicle transport or open vehicle transport.

Enclosed and Open Transport

An enclosed transport features a fully enclosed trailer. It can provide a secure and safe environment for the vehicle, as the vehicle is put in a container with a roof and four sides covered.

On the other hand, open transport features open-air trucks for transportation. The transport vehicle can be a multi-carrier that can load vehicles onto its deck, or it can also be a flatbed trailer or tow truck. There is no roof or sides to cover, and the vehicles are exposed.

Enclosed transport is used for moving high-valued classic, exotic or luxury vehicles. The capacities can range from 1 to 7 vehicles. Open transport can range from a multi-vehicle carrier to or a double-level multi-vehicle carrier. A flatbed trailer or tow trucks can be used for the single-level carrier, and double-level carriers are capable of carrying up to 10 cars on their decks.

Why do People Hire These Services

When people are moving over to another state or from one coast to another, it is unlikely they will drive the vehicles as it will be too much of a hassle. Using this service can help them move the vehicles with less effort. Also for car owners with multiple automobiles, it will save a lot of time to ship the cars over to the destination.

Car enthusiasts may buy autos in other states and want to move them back to the home state. It will be unwise to drive a luxury, high-valued vehicle for a long trip. The better option is using auto transport or long-distance towing service to prevent possible accidents and damages to the vehicles.

Difference in Pricing

Although prices for different companies may vary, the general pricing for enclosed transportation is higher than open transport. This is why open vehicle transportation is more popular than enclosed service. One can choose the enclosed transport service by paying at a premium.

Levels of Protection

Although, open transport service comes with its perks, albeit lower pricing and higher availability. The disadvantage is the level of security and protection is lower compared to enclosed auto transport. Vehicles transported using open transport are exposed to the mercy of the weather. For instance, rain, wind, hail, and snow. In addition, the vehicles are exposed to dust, dirt, or debris while on the road. Although most vehicles will not receive any damage in open transport, there is still the risk or possibility of causing chips to the paint due to hail, wind, or debris. Thus this transport method may not be suitable for high-valued vehicles.

Enclosed auto transport on the other hand will prevent the vehicles from exposing to the above-mentioned risks. There is only one unexpected risk which is an accident on the road, but this is very rare and unlikely.

Availability of the Services

Open auto transport service is more available compared to the enclosed ones. Thus they are easier to book and schedule according to your timings. You may need to be compromised on time and dates to get the enclosed transport service.

The Pros of Enclosed Auto Transportation Service

Enclosed transportation, despite being less available and more expensive, still has its perks in the services. For instance, enclosed auto transports usually have hydraulic lifts, which can enable the vehicle to stay flat during the journey. The drivers play another factor in considering this service. The drivers have spent more time managing and handling high-end vehicles. They will have more experience, and caution when moving the vehicles. They will also better prepared for protection when handling the vehicles.


To choose the suitable transport method for your vehicle, think about the level of security your vehicle needs. If it is an antique car, it will be advised to use the enclosed transport to move the vehicle. Conversely, if you have a vehicle that is not as high in priority, choosing open transport will be fine.

The bottom line depends on if the person has invested more in the vehicles and won’t object to paying more for caution. Generally speaking, both methods are safe for your moving your vehicles.

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