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How to Enhance the Lifespan of Commercial Truck Tires

For commercial truck owners, there are few elements to take note of in order to ensure the commercial truck tires are safe for travel. They want to ensure that they are keeping their trucks in good condition and get the most in terms of efficiency. Certain components are affected by the condition of the tires. For instance, fuel efficiency and smoothness of the ride. Furthermore, maintaining the tires can help to get more miles per gallon, and lowers the risk of accidents while traveling.

What are the Materials in Commercial Truck Tires

Commercial truck tires contain materials such as natural and synthetic rubber, zinc oxide, and sulfur to improve rolling resistance and traction while traveling, and fillers such as silica and carbon black to strengthen the tires. Additionally, there are reinforcements such as nylon, rayon, polyester, and wires as reinforcements to add strength and shape to the tires.

So, How Long can These Tires Last?

Although old tires are still usable, the best practice is to replace tires that are older than 7 years. Many do believe no matter the condition, appearance, or tread depth remaining, when reached certain age the tires have to be changed. This is because of the degrading and depreciation of rubber compounds or even dry rotting.

High-quality commercial truck tires can last longer miles, sustain high speeds and carry large loads. However, they are also are under warranty for 7 years. Implementing tire maintenance can keep the tires beyond the expected age limit and in good working conditions. Retreading the commercial truck tires can help them last longer than their projected age limits, however, most people won’t retread tires older than 8 years. Therefore, instead of relying on the age limit, the fleet managers can use other ways to judge whether the tires are expiring and becoming obsolete. They can check the mileage and tread depth as clues for identifying such tires.

Factors and Points to Take Note

There are several points to note when taking care of the tires. Be sure to get routine tire service for the tires, as they could develop cracks or air bubbles that damage the inner core. There are also small holes that can lead to tire blowouts and slow leaks, which can be dangerous for truck drivers. When these defects are discovered, they need to be replaced.

The lifespan of commercial truck tires is influenced by several factors. First is the tire pressure. With a low tire pressure, it will lead to early wear and tear of the tires, making the tread depth of the tire fall below desired levels, and thus increasing the risk of blowouts. Secondly driving habits. With aggressive driving, tires will wear off early and this will strip off the usable tread of the tires quickly. The third is the type of tires. As mentioned earlier, quality tires could last longer. However, they still need proper maintenance and get properly retreaded. Some other factors that can affect the longevity of the tires include the terrain you are driving, how often the truck carries heavy loads, extreme heat or coldness, hard braking, and acceleration.

Routine Checks and Proper Maintenance

Keeping the tires in good condition is vital for your safety and other motorists on the road. Make sure the tires have proper pressure and air levels. Improperly inflated and worn-out tires will lead to tire blowouts, and that can lead to accidents and injuries. Have your tires checked by professionals routinely? This can save money for premature wear and tear, and get the most out of the fuel mileage. Maintaining the form and shape of tires can also prevent tire blowouts. Thus, keeping routine checks is key in keeping the tires in good form and enhance the resistance for them.

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