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How to Get Tow Trucks Equipped for Roadside Assistance

Tow truck drivers can perform both towing and roadside services. However, they will need the appropriate equipment for roadside assistance. Most roadside assistance includes jump-starting car batteries, tire change or repair, and lockout services. What are the tools and equipment the towing operators need? Well, let’s find out in the following.

Jump-Start Tools Kit

A dead battery is the most prevalent reason for roadside assistance calls. A malfunctioning alternator could be the source of the drained battery. Other reasons include leaving the ignition switch on for a prolonged period. If it is due to mechanical faults, then a tow truck will almost certainly be needed to move the vehicle to a repair facility. But, a jump start is all that is required.

Consider purchasing a commercial-grade portable jump starter. When selecting a jump starter, look for one with an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. To prevent electrolyte leakage in the case of a tip-over, the electrolyte in these batteries is contained behind special glass mats.

Use of Hydraulic Jacks

Having a hydraulic jack ensures that the roadside operator completes the work correctly and safely. Possessing a low-profile floor jack can help the staff to get under those sports automobiles and little coupes

A truck jack may be required for larger vehicles. A truck jack may appear like any floor jack, the difference is it can lift weights up to 100 tons. Investing in a high-quality hydraulic jack is a wise decision because they will outlast other cheaper hydraulic jacks. Once the seals fail, the lesser quality hydraulic jack is ineffective, and it can be dangerous even before the damage is visible.

Lockout Tools

Many drivers in the Nation have called for lockout service due to one reason or another. This including locking the keys in the car or losing them. When this happens, most drivers call for roadside assistance for help. If not, breaking the window can be a quick solution, albeit a costly one.

To unlock the common automobile or vehicle door, may require some tools such as a slim jim. However, some of the designs of the automobiles make using slim jim fairly difficult. That is why auto entry kits with specialized tools are available. A toolset with several slim jim shapes and gadgets will make unlocking vehicles more easily.

Fuel/Gas Tank or Containers for Roadside Assistance

It is not uncommon for drivers to seek roadside assistance when they have run out of gas. Having an extra gasoline container on the tow truck can help the operator to accommodate such service calls. The roadside assistance operator should invest in a tank that mounts onto the tow truck, such as a flatbed tow truck. In some regions, moving fuel in this manner may require a hazardous materials license, thus there is a need to verify for such regulation in the area.

The Winch

There is no better way to recover vehicles from ditches and other roadside dangers than using the winch system. When a towing company is ill-equipped for the winching service, it is most unlikely going to succeed in recovering the vehicle. On the other hand, a good side winch will make the task possible and will land the company with a better reputation and hence more jobs. A decent side winch should include outriggers for stability, a high weight capacity, and the ability to pivot for easy positioning of the recovery vehicle.

Tow Truck Storage

As roadside assistance gears take up a lot of room, there must be storage to hold up the equipment. Fortunately, there are numerous tow truck storage options available on the market. The steel underbody toolbox is a favorite for many operators. Look for a waterproof and lockable toolbox, and add several toolboxes per truck if possible. They are also ideal for storing additional recovery equipment including load binders, snatch blocks, slings, and so on.

Air Compressors

Adding an air compressor increases the number of jobs one can do while reducing the time it takes to do them. With an impact wrench, tire changing takes substantially less time and is much safer. When using impact wrenches, make sure to utilize a high-quality lug nut socket set. Roadside tire repairs are also made possible with compressed air.

Sometimes a simplistic patch kit is all that is required to get the driver back on the road. The towing company can become busy often, making the regular air compressors overheat if overworked. Thus in the long term, an industrial-style commercial air compressor will save you money on repairs.

Exterior Lighting for Tow Trucks

Aside from headlights, tow trucks will most likely have other forms of lighting. Flood and fog lights alone will not suffice when it comes to roadside help. Consider the advantages of rechargeable and portable work lights. These lights are frequently powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are resistant to deep charges and repeated charging cycles. Dark spots and shadows on work surfaces can be eradicated by several of these lights at the work area.

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