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Do you know what the towing and storage rates in Los Angeles are? Towing in Los Angeles is the service that most vehicle drivers call us for during the day and evening. However, most of our clients do not know what happens to the vehicles that do not make it to the mechanic or to their home. For those vehicles that will need storage overnight, do you know where to go? Where to trust your car? Who to trust your car with? Our Towing And Storage in LA has 5 lots within 20 minutes of downtown Los Angeles. If it’s too late in the evening and your car needs a tow to the mechanic or dealership for repairs and renovations, it’s more than likely that the place you want to tow it to will be closed for the night. What do you do next? Call us in the morning to arrange ANOTHER tow from your home to the mechanic? Why go through so much trouble? Towing and Storage can take your car to our storage yard for the night, and tow it back out to the mechanic or dealership in the morning so that repairs can start immediately for your car! No need for you to be involved at all! We have it handled!

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In the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Commission regulates and sets the towing and storage rates for the Official Police Garages to get you vehicle you have to pay before you received your car. Although this applies directly to their storage yards, our clients should know that our rates will differ in comparison. If your car is stuck between being impounded by police or getting a tow and stored with our LA Towing company, it’s much more convenient and affordable to go with our services instead.
Vehicles may be towed for any number of reasons by several different city towing companies. The towing and storage rates are uniform throughout the City of Los Angeles if your car was impounded. We’ve listed the possible rates you’re going to be looking at if your car goes with the police impound.

If a vehicle is not redeemed on the same day that it was towed,

Towing Rates: $110.50 per hour for Standard Vehicles
$213.50 per hour for Heavy Duty


Storage Rates: $34.00 per day (standard vehicles)
$10.00 per day (motorcycles)
$48.50 per day  – Heavy Duty (over 1 ton, over 20 feet)
$60.50 per day  – Heavy Duty (over 1 ton, over 41 feet


City of L.A.
Release fee:
$115.00 for each vehicle released *


City Parking Tax: 10% city parking occupancy tax is collected
on all storage fees **
Forms of Payment: Cash
Mastercard, Visa
ATM Bank Debit Card that allows withdrawls from checking accounts only
Money Orders, Certified Checks, Traveler’s checks

* Fee is remitted to the City of Los Angeles on a quarterly basis
** Tax is remitted to the City of Los Angeles on a quarterly basis
Source: City of Los Angeles & Los Angeles Police Department

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