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Every time after I get in a fight with my husband I need to clear my mind and drive! Yes drive, that is my therapy in order to clear my mind and just relax.
While I was thinking about what I said and what I should not have said, I did not pay any attention about how much gas I have…….and then my car just stopped working, I did not know if god heard my husbands wish right before I left the house “I hope you die”, or that it was just a sign from god, but I almost died, since I was stuck for about an hour forty minutes in literally NO WHERE.
God bless google, I googled towing company in order to rescue me. The first company promised that they would come but after an hour I realized they lied to me. Furthermore, I called Green Towing Company, in a matter of fifteen minutes a guy showed up just like an angel, and in about 10 minutes helped me mentally with my husband’s problem, and with the car.
I never knew that towing people are also therapist. But now I know that the first person I would call after I fight with my husband and I get stuck with my car is Green Towing in los angeles.


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