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Happy New Year! We at Green Towing Los Angeles want to wish you a happy and joyous new year. We know that today is a day full of celebration and good cheer, but sometimes people make bad decisions when they are having too much fun. We are here for you. If you or someone you love is having too much fun to be able to drive tonight, don’t let them. We cannot say it strongly enough that New Year’s Day can be a sad one if someone you love drinks too much and then tries to drive.
The Police are working harder than ever to catch people who are over the limit and behind the wheel, the reason they have to do that is because there are still too many people out drinking and driving! You might think, “But a tow truck is so expensive, it isn’t worth it.” Is it worth it to get a D.U.I and spend the evening in jail, on top of the thousands of dollars spent in court costs, legal fees, and other expenses, not to mention the fact that you’ll lose your license and have a criminal record. You could even lose your life, or take the life of someone you love. It just isn’t worth it to drink and drive, call Green Towing Los Angeles and let us come pick you up, where ever you are, and get you home safe.

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