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I got a dispatch today by Cindy, it was an Insurance job for a Ford Econoline. The appointment was set for 4 in the afternoon. It had steering column damage. They were located in Lawndale and they needed to store the vehicle at our facility in Van Nuys, that was about a 40 mile tow. As soon as I got to Lawndale, I noticed the vehicle was near a heavy traffic and dangerous intersection. I spoke to the couple and had them sit in my tow truck immediately. I carefully strapped their vehicle up and onto my Flatbed. The drive to van Nuys wasn’t so bad, the couple were very nice. The freeway was like a parking lot full of cars, but it only took us about 2 hours to get to Van Nuys. I parked their car inside the unit, it was to be stored there for 3 days. Now I’m on to my next tow.
2006 Ford E-Series: E-150 Econoline

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