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I got a call this morning from Brandy at 4 am, to tow a Ferrari in Beverly Hills. When I arrived at the location, the young driver was upset. Apparently his new Red Ferrari skidded off the road on Sunset blvd and hit a light post, demolishing the car. This situation calls for a Flatbed. I took pictures of the vehicle, I hooked his vehicle on my flatbed and reeled it in. Even though the car was completely damaged, I still handled it with care. Making sure I didn’t scratch his car. The gentleman jumped into my Tow truck, he ¬†wasn’t from L.A and didn’t know where to leave his car at 4:40 in the morning so we took it to our storage facility. There I pulled up my tow truck into our facility. I unhooked his car and placed it gently inside. We wrote him a receipt, got him a taxi and I was on my way with my trusty Tow truck to my next call.
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