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Top 5 Towing Mistakes for California Residence

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There are few really simple things that you need to watch out for before you decide to tow your car. Maybe it’s a vacation or just a family or friends’ hangout and you are not paying much heed when it comes to towing. But believe in the facts and statistics, some people even the professional towing companies tend to make the stupidest towing mistakes and it has been going on for years. Just pay a little attention and go over these few points before taking out your vehicle for a long journey. You will be able to avoid some serious mishaps that you did not see coming.


Check the length

There’s a specific combined length of your vehicle and trailer. For residences of California it is about 65 feet. But if you are driving from another region to California or driving away from there might be little variations with length. But the number is usually somewhere around 65-70 feet. If you are still overly cautious feel free to check with the State Department of Motor Vehicles and be assured about the exact length.

Appropriate towing depends largely on the length that you decide to go with. It may sound really undemanding but this often causes some other hazards which eventually lead to damage of your trailer or the vehicle.

And also the width

It is not only the length that ensures a perfect towing; it depends a lot on the width also. Usually there is an eight feet, six inches ratio in most states but it slightly varies. Go over the width and before you start up your towing, for the first few seconds you get the general idea about how it is going. If you feel like the proportion isn’t right you take action for it immediately before going up on the highway.

Don’t forget the brakes!

If the trailer exceeds 1500 pounds, than you should arrange separate brakes for the trailer. You can never use too much brake. Trailer brake is most probably the most underestimated things when it comes towing mistake. You can either go for the drum design which the most common type out there or you can seek experts opinion to be specific be absolutely sure about it when you get on roads. They might need to be adjusted as they do not have the ‘self-adjusted’ mode like most other trucks out there. So this is another thing that you really need to keep in mind when you are installing a brake.

And it’s not only about the brakes of the trailer, you need to on your toe when you are towing your car, so always slow down before pushing brakes. The added weights sure makes it overpowering to work with the momentum. So it’s better not to get carried away. Take your time and work with the brakes slowly.

Backup: Safety Chains

If you really love your car, then you should not hesitate to take some of the extra measures. It is safer to use a safety chain to increase the overall strength and association between the vehicle and the trailer. You tie an X-shaped chain between them and drag it along. It helps you to be at ease knowing that you have added an extra layer of protection that will prevent it from segregation.

Go Over the Car Insurances

Before deciding to tow your car, it is best to check if your car insurance covers for it. You should not leave a stone unturned when it comes to securing your property. Just go over the pages again or consult with the insurance manager to fully understand the matter, if any case it actually becomes a problem.

So just by taking few preliminary steps you can save a lot of time and money; and at the same time can avoid some inevitable towing mishaps. Be safe while travelling, your health and your property both matter the most.

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